Process Automation Manager


PAM Globe

Do you need to automate repetitive modelling and machining tasks in Siemens NX CAD/CAM/CNC workflows?

Do you manufacture or process components with variable geometry such as castings, forgings, 3D printed materials?

PAM 2.0 can automate these processes with our adaptive package …

Read live metrology data into NX, using various tools to manipulate the model

Automated importing of STL data into NX and update of nominal CAD geometry

Journaling is a powerful tool in NX that allows common engineering routines to be repeated, PAM 2.0 provides functionality to run a series of journals automatically in sequence

PAM 2.0 can run as a standalone product reducing engineering time, human error, increasing efficiency, reliability and quality! Or integrated into Siemens NX further decreasing the process time by up to 6x *.

PAM 2.0 is fully customisable and can be a fully integrated manufacturing production workflow solution.


* Increase based upon an existing production solution reading and acting on probe data to regenerate surfaces and toolpaths.