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Lower cycle times, increase accuracy and minimise operating costs by utilising Adaptive Machining for manufacturing new parts and for the repair of complex components

Complete solutions provider for Siemens NX CAM

Experts in customised CAD, CAM and CNC machining applications.

We develop software solutions with an emphasis on solving manufacturing challenges for global organisations in the Aerospace, Industrial Power Generation, Marine and Medical sectors. Our industry leading Adaptive Manufacturing technology helps our customers integrate and automate their business and manufacturing processes, maximising returns on project investments. Innovation is at the core of everything we do, delivering highly efficient advanced software-based machining solutions and first-class customer care.



When it comes to component manufacturing, repair or assembly, do you have the time to use manually intensive processes to manufacture high accuracy products? With professional experience throughout aerospace sector, we provide software solutions for component repair by using our adaptive 5 Axis machining technology

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Power Generation

Industrial gas turbine power generation components can be expensive to manufacture or repair, and due to their size and weight often fall foul of health and safety regulations when handling and processing

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Medical & Pharmaceutical

When it comes to reverse engineering and machining of prostheses (prosthetics) and other medical devices, you can no longer rely on manual processes. You need a faster, more accurate way of producing components. TTL provide a range of solutions for implant manufacturers to help speed up producing components designed specifically for the medical, pharmaceutical and orthopaedic industries

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High-performance motorsport depends on reliable, precision-engineered components such as engines, gearboxes, suspension, and aerodynamic components.

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The manufacture of marine gas turbines offers no room for inconsistency. With individual components all having different geometries from original CAD models, it might seem appropriate to adopt manual processes, but these present a number of additional challenges common across other gas and steam-turbine industries.

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