Medical & Pharmaceutical


When it comes to reverse engineering and machining of prostheses (prosthetics) and other medical devices, you can no longer rely on manual processes. You need a faster, more accurate way of producing components. TTL provide a range of solutions for implant manufacturers to help speed up producing components designed specifically for the medical, pharmaceutical and orthopaedic industries


At TTL, we provide a complete range of solutions for implant manufacturing, comprising CAD/CAM, reverse engineering, Adaptive Machining and multi-axis machining to enable us to handle materials that are difficult to machine for the medical industry, such as medical grade titanium and cobalt chromium alloys. We assist in the design and manufacture of custom-made medical products, with high precision, cleanliness, compliance, safety, and quick turnaround.

We have been actively involved with solving intractable engineering and processing problems in the pharmaceutical industry for many years and understand the rigours that the GMP, GAMP, and other regulatory pharmaceutical constraints bring.

Through partnerships with approved control systems providers, we provide solutions to complex processing and mechanical handling problems as the machining partner of choice for the medical pharmaceutical, and orthopedic industry.