ZEISS Insights Aerospace Quality Days

| 22nd September 2023

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Modern aircraft engines are masterpieces of engineering and their requirements for performance and fuel efficiency are increasing constantly. Flawless accuracy is a must for these safety-critical parts. ZEISS offers a rich portfolio of high-end metrology solutions for the aerospace industry.

TTL Solutions, one of the world’s leading CAD/CAM adaptive manufacturing specialists and a Siemens NX partner, have collaborated with Zeiss on a number of key projects. TTL is delighted to announce that they will be attending the Zeiss Aerospace Manufacturing Industry event next week in Oberkochen, Germany. Furthermore, Simon Rogers, Business Development Manager at TTL Solutions will be presenting a seminar on adaptive machining at TTL and its commercial reality on the 27th September between 10.45-12.00. Simon will discuss a number of key topics for the industry including blisk repair, GOM / ZEISS measurement data automation and explore it’s importance as a technical solution for the production of high value aerospace components.

For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3RvBbNQ