TTL's Sliding Head Lathe customisation into Siemens NX

| 18th August 2021

Sliding Head Lathe

Launching TTL’s latest CAM customisation introducing programming of sliding head CNC lathes into Siemens NX!

Are you programming your sliding head lathe manually at the machine? With our CAM customisation take it offline with time savings of up to 70%

Generate complex machining operations directly from a 3D CAD model, no manual calculations required

Comprehensive turning, milling and special cycles with multi-channel process simulation, tailored to your machine, all in one system

Utilise a digital twin of your machine to simulate programs in real-time and verify tool paths to be collision free

Test actual machine behaviour and optimise cycle times without interrupting production

Incorporate engineering design changes without having to re-program

Benefit from the security of all part and machining data stored in CAM

Keep the machine running to maximise Overall Equipment Effectiveness