Interpolation Turning | TTL Solutions

| 26th January 2024

Interpolated Turning.jpg

Do you ever need to produce “turned“ features such as flange faces, bosses and bores on large parts that do not lend themselves to being mounted in a lathe?

Interpolation turning is a technique made possible on certain CNC milling centres that allows a turning operation to be carried out by synchronising the rotation of the machine spindle using a single point turning or boring tool with a corresponding profile movement described by the linear axes. Irregular, off-centre or out-of-round geometries are also possible.

Often this is enabled by special cycles available on the CNC from the machine manufacturer or in this case, by using custom routines and post processing functions in Siemens NX CAM. Watch this video to see the process in action and contact us at TTL if you need help with applications engineering or programming.

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