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With unique geometries and the struggles associated with holding and locating a part in a precise way, manufacturers, repairers, and engineers face constant fixture design and performance problems. We offer manufacturing solutions for the jig, tool and fixture design of purpose made components, which is corrosion free and compatible with any machine tool

TTL has the solution. We offer a comprehensive service in the design and manufacture of purpose-made component fixtures. Specially developed, our fixtures are designed from first-principles using solid-modelling CAD/CAM systems where basic fit, function, operation and weight can be analysed. In addition, overall suitability to the machine tool on which the machining operation will be performed is verified. 

This is cost effective long term and allows for precise component location with high repeatability, rapid loading times, rigid component clamping and wear-resistant bearing surfaces. Our fixtures can be optimised for fast-part changeover, designed to be lightweight, corrosion free and compatible with any machine tool.

Solve your complex work holding problems with our purpose-made component fixtures.