5-Axis Machining and Probing Solutions

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Shed some light on the dark art of 5-axis machining.  At TTL, we have been programming 5-axis machine tools for over 20 years. We understand how to generate highly optimised 5-axis programmes and when 5-axis techniques are most beneficial.

We provide a range of special software modules to solve complex programming issues. Our 5-axis probing solutions programs are closely linked to the machine post-processor and can be generated quickly from within a CAM session.

Our solution flags up any probing move that collides or interferes in any way with a part, at the programming stage. The problem can then be quickly eradicated by special vector control tools within the software so that the probing program can be verified dynamically.

This provides a quick and simple interactive method of generating complex 5-axis probing routines, reducing the risk of collision.

For over 20 years TTL Solutions have been programming 5 Axis machining tools and are knowledgeable in how to generate probing solutions for your requirements.  To simplify your complex 5-axis probing, speak to our experienced team today.