Probing PL+S Siemens NX Edition


Probing PL+S Siemens NX Edition.jpg

TTL’s post processor specific probing module for NX CAM


The Probing PL+S add-on for Siemens NX enables further control of the manufacturing process from within the CAM environment, by allowing the offline programmer to integrate probing cycles and validation of the machined part seamlessly. During the machining process the programmer can add probing checks in line with machining operations to ensure the final cut is accurate and to specification.

Key benefits are greatly reduced scrap rate, more consistency to finished components and minimal manual input and chance for error. If for any reason the part has been set up on the machine incorrectly the Cut-Measure-Cut method applied with Probing PL+S can prevent pointless machining of a component, that may already be scrap by measuring features and verifying whether they are in tolerance prior to finished machining.

Use your existing machine tool ‘Macro Probing’ software for planning tool setting, part set-up and inspection strategies as well as process control. 

Macro cycle integrations available include;

  • Renishaw Inspection/Inspection +
  • Siemens/Sinumerik
  • Heidenhain
  • BLUM
  • Marposs
  • M&H
  • WFL
  • MSP NC Perfect Part

Probing PL+S Siemens NX Edition allows your engineers to plan, visualise and simulate NX CAM driven process control.

NX Versions

  • NX11 upwards