Post Processors



Post processors need to be written to suit individual machine tools and specific workflow requirements.

NX post processors provide the ultimate in customisation capability compared to those supported by other CAM systems and we can tailor them to incorporate any individual requirement, providing post processors for all types of CNC machine tools, CSE, multi-axis machining, milling and complex mill-turns.

TTL is one of few companies that can configure and support NX CAM Integrated Simulation and Verification (ISV) modules to allow true G-code real-time validation of the part machining process within the NC programming session. This enables you to validate toolpaths and machine motion through digital simulation as part of the programming workflow.

We use a kinematic model of the machine tool to simulate actual post processed code. This provides a virtual animation of the axis motions and CNC controller functions with full visualisation, accurate cycle time predictions with gouge and collision checking to save you inventory, time and money.

To improve the efficiency of your multi-axis machining operations, ask us about post processors and simulation today.