New Part Manufacture

Adaptive Machining

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Adaptive Machining is not just for repairs. At TTL, we have experience in manufacturing new gas turbine components including a wide range of metal removal processes such as milling and grinding for elliptical edge machining, blending of platform surfaces to aerofoils and automatic flash removal from castings and forgings.

In all our applications, 3, 4 and 5-axis machining strategies are deployed to ensure you receive the ultimate in process efficiency and flexibility. By taking this approach, our Adaptive Blade Machining solutions can reduce cycle times, provide pinpoint accuracy and deliver an attractive return on investment in the aerospace industry.

Adaptive Machining also decreases the risk of wasted resources on reworking defective or malformed parts, reducing scrap, and improving quality and consistency in the manufacturing process for each component.

To boost accuracy in the manufacture of new gas turbine parts and experience a faster ROI, make us your Adaptive Machining partner of choice in the aerospace industry.