Blisks & Impellers

Adaptive Machining

NC programming of blisks and impellers isn’t easy and depends on a deep understanding both of the part geometry and the required machining strategies. With work piece and cutter deflection compromising accuracy and deteriorating process capability, it is not enough to just program a theoretical shape.

Our Adaptive Machining techniques use in-process feedback to analyse intended versus achieved results, enabling you to make corrections in order to maximise accuracy and yield. We work alongside NX CAM, to adapt toolpaths to the position of individual actual stock material, instead of repeatedly changing stock location.

Where parts are weld or patch repaired, or have been linear friction welded, our blisk repair and impeller software modules provide fully automated aerofoil re-profiling, taking these variations into account. And on service-run components, Adaptive Machining makes it easier to deal with significant complex shape variation between blades. 

We help you remove manual blending and polishing methods and replace them with automated, high accuracy, hands-free processes.