Challenge TTL to program your robot like you program your machine tool.

| 21st June 2017

NX CAM Robot.jpg

Why use NX CAM Robotics for manufacturing your parts?



  • Quickly create complex robotic motion programs in the same CAM system as your machine tools
  • Validate programs graphically for faster start-ups
  • Easily provide production ready output 
  • React quickly to change orders with associative motion paths 
  • Eliminate translation steps and reduce IT costs with a single platform 
  • Set your own robotics rules to maintain flexibility 
  • Streamline programming with process automation at all levels

NX CAM Robotics offers greater programming flexibility

  • The typical 6-axis articulated robot offers more movement flexibility than a normal milling machine. A robot can process a complex part from multiple angles. Instead of having to reposition and re-clamp the component, the robot can remain stationary. 
  • Unlike conventional machines, robots can be reconfigured to perform linishing, deburring, measurement, welding, material handling, etc
  • Robotic cell’s are cheaper - x2 to x5 times cheaper than traditional machine tool systems
  • Overall Throughput is higher - Less time spent repositioning parts. A robot can handle more of the processing task without needing human intervention.

Challenge us to look for productivity opportunities within your business.
We will review your shop floor activities in part manufacturing, data management, probing and process control, and show you solutions for:

  • Adopting NX CAD/CAM integrated probing and process control.
  • Revolutionising roughing strategies regardless of CAM system.
  • Simulate in NX, reducing prove out times and eliminating costly errors.
  • Managing manufacturing resource libraries.
  • Robotic processing using NX CAD/CAM programming tools.