Challenge TTL to Maximise the Value of your CAM Investment

| 27th September 2016


The combination of software and manufacturing equipment expertise enables us to support a CAD-CAM-CNC process chain that maximises the value of your software and latest machine tool investments.

Being able to use the same 3D model in design and NC programming including probing and process control is a major advantage.  TTL delivers manufacturing best practices for you to use and share the same 3D master model for faster more integrated process chains.

Integrated CAD...                                                 ...and CAM

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NX CAD can be used to design, assemble and test manufacturing fixtures seamlessly integrating with the NX CAM packages, all within the same programming system.

NX CAM includes NC programming, probing and process control, post processing and machine tool simulation.  TTL can deliver productivity gains and support using NX CAM elements working within your manufacturing capabilities.


Challenge us to look for productivity opportunities within your business.

We will review your shop floor activities in part manufacturing, data management, probing and process control, and show you solutions for:

  • Adopting NX CAD/CAM integrated probing and process control.
  • Revolutionising roughing strategies regardless of CAM system.
  • Simulate in NX, reducing prove out times and eliminating costly errors.
  • Managing manufacturing resource libraries.
  • Robotic processing using NX CAD/CAM programming tools.