TTL Introduces Probing PL+S (Siemens NX Edition)

| 12th April 2016

TTL has launched a new software “add on” package called Probing PL+S (Siemens NX Edition).  The post processor specific software module provides the capability for manufacturing engineers and CNC programmers to plan, visualise and simulate machine based process control probing routines in an offline programming environment.

Traditionally probing programs and associated process control parameters are managed at the machine control as part of a component by component proving process. This takes valuable machine time and is an uncontrolled activity that becomes disconnected from the upstream part planning  / part programming workflow.

Probing PL+S will fully integrate Siemens NX CAM software with all standard machine tool control based Macro Probing routines, whether it’s Renishaw, Siemens, BLUM, Heidenhain, MSP etc. etc., and will enable increased component quality, reduced set-up times and maximised productivity to be generated via the associative NX CAM programs.

With its simple and easy to use functionality, process control is defined within the familiar NX CAM interface and integrated into post processed NC programs, giving confidence that component probe positioning moves will be navigated safely and collision free.

Rob Pope, Managing Director of TTL explains, 

“At TTL we are all about recognition of the importance of developing innovative software technology solutions. Bringing products like Probing PL+S to the market fits naturally within our strategy to add value to our customers across a wide range of industries and to help them improve their manufacturing processes.”

Probing PL+S is available for NX 8.5 and above and can be integrated with:

  • Renishaw Inspection / Inspection+
  • Siemens Macro cycles
  • BLUM Macro cycles
  • Marposs Macro cycles
  • M&H Macro cycles
  • Heidenhain Macro cycles
  • MSP NC Perfect Part

TTL has over 150 years of expert CAM experience within the development team based at Haddenham in Buckinghamshire, is one of the leading industry names for CAD/CAM and CNC machining and are Siemens Industry Software chosen technical partner for the UK to support their NX manufacturing software offer.