TTL’s Nozzle Guide Vane solutions are quite unique. Our NGV software modules can be applied to the manufacture of new NGV’s – taking measurement data from the gas-path surfaces to make automatically, decisions about where to machine the inner and outer location features.

They also provide MRO organisations with an integrated repair solution which, with our own low-cost, but highly effective vision system, enables the user to identify very rapidly, the location of each weld or braze patch on the component.

The result is a system that re-machines and blends repaired areas of the gas path - automatically .
A range of techniques are used to solve the underlying repair problem to take account of various issues. These include: -

  • Best fit of the component to the original design intent
  • Full Adaptive Machining to take account of any plastic deformation in the component.

The software is intelligent enough to remove “rogue” input data resulting from inadvertently probed weld spots or cooling holes.

The result is a feature-rich solution tailored specifically to these geometrically complex parts – which removes significant time and cost from the repair process whilst greatly enhancing quality and consistency

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