TTL has served the medical & pharmaceutical industries for a number of years.

With expertise in reverse engineering and machining of prosthetics, prostheses and other medical devices – backed by an uncompromising approach to precision and cleanliness in manufacturing, we can cater for the very demanding engineering requirements of the medical industry.

Orthopaedic Implants

Having designed, developed and supplied full clinical-scale solutions to global organisations like GlaxoSmithKline and other members of the pharmaceutical industry we understand the rigours of supplying equipment and solutions to these heavily regulated industries.

We have a vast knowledge base in CAD/CAM, reverse engineering, Adaptive Machining and other machining disciplines as well as an in depth understanding of difficult-to-machine materials such as medical grade titanium alloys.

So whether your products are forged replacement hip-joints, cast knee joints or other complex engineered components in the medical field, we are well placed to provide all of the software, process knowledge and technology required to assist in the design & manufacture of custom-made products. 

A Starrag Group company