A raw chicken’s egg – a unique demonstration of Adaptive Machining

TTL’s ‘Adaptive Machining’ technology automates the machining and blending of complex components previously requiring extensive hand-work. The technology has been applied very successfully across a wide range of applications in the aerospace, power generation and general manufacturing industries where hand-labour causes significant cost and quality issues.

Specifically aimed at applications where geometry differences exist between one component and the next, TTL’s unique software - when coupled to standard CNC machine tools - provides the capability to machine and blend complex 3-dimensional components and features - automatically.

Geometry variation in components can exist for a number of reasons. Castings and forgings are prone to shrinkage variations resulting from material and
temperature fluctuations. Die wear and heat treatment
can further distort the intended shape of the part.

And where components are being repaired, these problems are compounded with the added issue of wear and distortion that have occurred during operation. This is particularly true in applications such as gas turbine components, blades and vanes, etc.

TTL’s approach to Adaptive Machining is quite unique. Our solutions are very application-specific and offer optimised performance – resulting in:

  • Lowest cycle times
  • Better accuracy
  • Minimised operating costs.



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